Oral Medicine

Oral medicine  is the specialty of dentistry that specializes and concerns with the diagnosis and management of chronic, recurrent and medically related disorders of the oral and  maxillofacial region.
What makes this specialty different to oral maxillofacial  surgery is that the emphasis is on conditions that are primariliy managed without the need for surgery.The most commonly encountered conditions include soft tissue lesions,chronic orofacial pain, salivary disesase and oral manifestations of wider systemic diseases.

Oral medicine is  important part of maintaining overall health.  because medicine affects the  soft tissues in the mouth so not necessarily the teeth. so if the patient has ulcers throughout  the mouth  that can make life very difficult for them they will have difficulty with eating and maintaining their health that way they will have difficulty speaking as well so that can affect their interactions, communications on a a daily basis. so it’s very important that these diseases  be diagnosed properly and treated properly so people can get back to their everyday life.

Having disease in our mouth also affects our confidence and how we boost our selves to our daily livelihood. If we feel not so good in our breath we can have less interactions and would be affected through the conversation. Having said that it is important to be treated with oral medicine. It is said that prevention is the best cure. So check and go to your nearest dentist.