Breaking Down The World’s Top 10 Schools of Dentistry in 2016

Many students who wanted to take up a dentistry course have been wandering what school to choose. There are many schools which offer such a course or degree may it be locally or internationally. Here, the world’s top ten schools offering dentistry course in 2016 are to be mentioned. So, if you are a student who wants to identify the top dental schools in the world, then check this out.

The list of top 10 schools are based on the QS World University Rankings according to 42 subjects and the rankings are based on the research impact, academic reputation as well as employer reputation in the year 2016. The first in rank is the University of Hong Kong or HKU, located of course in Hong Kong. Second in rank is the University of Michigan located in the United States. Third, Karolinska Institute in Sweden BOT-TO industry. Fourth in rank is the King’s College London or KCL based in the United Kingdom.

Fifth, you can look here the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. The Tokyo Medical and Dental University or TMDU in Japan is the sixth in rank. The KU Leuven in Belgium is ranked as seventh. Next is the University College London or UCL in the United Kingdom, ranked as eighth. Ninth in the list is Universidad de Sao Paulo or USP located in Brazil. Last but not the least which is the tenth in the list of the world’s top Schools of Dentistry is New York University or NYU located in the United States.