Why take up dentistry as a profession

There are many people in the world. At least 7 Billion people are recorded in the world . That is if one has 32 tooth multiply that by 7 Billion will be a greater number. Our tooth and gums decay so who would take care of that? So this page ask you. Why would you like to take up dentistry. As the numbers of people continuously grow there are large number of groups and individual are also require to help in supplying the needs to check our teeth.

Being a dentist is not a tough job at all. As you will have to only have the necessary tools to become one. The first thing you have to do is take up bachelor degree in dentistry then will have to have license to work as a dentist. As much as you experience you’ll have to have license to work. Some university requires at least 3 years of experience before you become a great doctor in the field of dentistry.

Today, there are many people who are not aware of the sense and importance of oral health care. You can see people speaking with their hand covered and seems to have bad confidence. That is because of oral health that is not cared. The only way to let people know that is if there is a revolution of dentistry and many people will know about it and will take note of it and let people know about it.