Stomatology, Oral Health Care- Introduction

Our mouth is composed of teeth and gums. At the top holding our teeth is actually called the maxillary arch and on the bottom we call it mandibular arch. We will start by dividing our mouth into four quadrants. When a dentist faces a patient, a dentist will start on the the top left and move clockwise this will be quadrant number 1 and the adjacent will be quadrant 2 and in the bottom of quadrant 2 is called quadrant 3 while its adjacent is quadrant 4.

When naming a teeth we use 2 numbers.  The first number is number of the quadrant and the other is the number of  the tooth starting from the midline. Example tooth number 11,12,21,32,41 etc. Sometimes you can call them by double digit number names 11 (eleven) etc. When you are looking at the surfacas the most anterior surface is known as the  facial surface or the buccal surface because it is the closest in the cheeks.On the inside for the maxiliary arch we have the  palatal surface which is closest to palate and then on the mandibular arch we have the lingual surface which  is closest  to the tongue.

We have the central incisor, lateral incisor, canince incisor which is usually  premolars and then the molars. Sometimes there are 3rd molars which is known as wisdom tooth, The anteriors are known as the canince from the far left to far right.